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About IN 4.0 Connect


IN 4.0 Connect is an online match making tool which showcases over 100 Naval firms 'Connect Naval' and 100 Industry 4.0 Technology specialist firms 'Connect IN 4.0' across 5 countries from the Atlantic Area of Europe as part of the IN 4.0 project. The purpose of this tool is to facilitate both B2B introductions and research connections between these sectors in order to promote collaboration and innovation through additional linkages between European naval and technological specialists.

Any interested firm or research organisation can use the ‘Connect’ function to engage in facilitated connections with the naval firms or IN 4.0 technology specialists from the project partner regions. These  connections can provide opportunities not only for firms to network with industry peers and/or technology specialists across Europe but also provide a platform from which firms can collaborate on a wide range of activities; from the creation of market opportunities to research innovations.

To view the full list of Naval firms click here and for the IN 4.0 specialist firms click here The map below shows the Interreg Atlantic Area.


IN 4.0 is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the companies in the naval sector through their adaptation to the production model of the industry 4.0, granting in this way the sector participation in an increasingly demanding market, where innovation is a key factor for their strategic positioning.

For this purpose, several actions will be carried out: a diagnosis of the main barriers the sector faces in the process of adapting its business model, the determination of the level of maturity of the existing technologies likely to be implemented in SMEs, the definition of the work organization systems, the training of the staff of the sector to move towards IN 4.0, the design of innovative strategies to reduce costs in the application of technology, the identification of new marketing methods, and the implementation of the innovations designed in IN 4.0 in the selected SMEs of the regions involved.

IN 4.0 is an Atlantic Area funded project which connects 10 partners a mixture of Naval Clusters, RTD Centres and Academic Institutions ICT to examine manufacturing and technical research challenges facing the industry across Europe.

The project is led by Diputación Provincial de Pontevedra, based in Galicia, Spain, and has a total budget of 2.5 million euros to invest in the next 3 years. The partnership includes the following partners: Fórum Oceano (Portugal), Bretagne Pôle Naval (France), Munster Technological University (Ireland), Asociación Cluster del Naval Gallego (Spain), University of Strathclyde (UK), Foro Marítimo Vasco (Spain), Pôle de compétitivité EMC2 (France), Asociacion de Industriales Metalúrgicos de Galicia (Spain), High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute Ltd. (UK).

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